Entrepreneurship Success Initiative

What factors and choices help entrepreneurs succeed?

How can we enhance the chances of entrepreneurial success?

How can you, as an entrepreneur, help to improve these chances?

Our Research will answer these questions. To learn how watch the video or read below

Our research team is conducting a study about systems, decisions, backgrounds and training that lead to higher chances of startup success. The study will follow a large panel of startups over two years in an attempt to identify what factors, decisions, training and background experiences contribute to successful startup outcomes.

Startups that are accepted to participate in the study will be paid $1,000 for filling out a set of short surveys. Ten of the participating startups will also get the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops covering the MIT/Rice entrepreneurship curriculum (entrepreneurial strategy, raising financing, customer validation, running experiments/lean startup, financial and business models, marketing strategy, and managing people, teams and incentives).


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